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One of my favorite things about the Dell Equal Logic SANs is that they make management both simple and foolproof direct. I can name a lot of other reasons too, but I digress.

Last year some time, we bought a new shelf for our SAN and we removed an older one to take to our Disaster Recovery site. While it was in the lab, I had the chance to reset it to factory defaults, which removes all configuration on the thing and you lose ALL your data. We had migrated off of the thing and removed it from the rack and it was in a lab environment, so there was no potential for impact.

Here is the beauty of the Equal Logic PS Series: It’s totally unambiguous as to what you’re doing.

To run the “reset” command, you mustn’t just type “yes” to confirm. You REALLY have to confirm it. They make you type DeleteAllMyDataNow. It’s awesome.

I had photos of it after I entered “DeleteAllMyDataNow”, but I can’t find them. I did have a memory card fail in my phone around that time, so it is probably gone forever.

It looks like this:

prod-grp-01> reset
Warning: This command resets an array to the factory
defaults (original condition). The result is the
elimination of all group and volume configuration
information and any volume data residing on the array.
Before resetting an array that is a member of a group,
it is recommended that you delete the member from the
Reset this array to factory defaults? [n/DeleteAllMyDataNow]>
Connection closed by foreign host.

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