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I lost my iPod touch last year.

So I had to use a paper planner since my todo lists, project lists, and miscellaneous info was on the iPod. I didn’t like the ones at Wal-Mart, Staples, or anywhere else, so I opted to make my own. I found an article on binding my own books and created a Week-at-a-glance planner template, printed it, and bound it. I make one every quarter and they all have 13 weeks in them.

Each quarter has a different cover. I really like making fun covers. It fits just right in the back cover of my notebook – an AMPAD Project notebook. I’m very particular about my paper.


  • It forces me to do a weekly review
  • It’s cheap – I don’t have to buy planner refills and I’ve always got paper, toner, and glue.
  • It’s easy to keep with me all the time, since it’s very thin
  • Color coding = awesome
  • I made it, so I’m proud of it and I like to use it


  • No copy-and-paste
  • No gmail integration
  • No google calendar integration
  • Other stuff I can’t think of right now

I found my iPod touch, so I don’t use this anymore, but if anybody else wants to use it, here you go!


  • Size: US Letter – 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Made in
  • Type: PDF

Matt’s Super Awesome GTD Planner Page

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